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Herniated Disc Specialist in Frisco

Frisco Herniated Disc SpecialistWhen it comes to back pain, more than 3 million Americans have a form of herniated disc. Dr Adeel Haq, pain management doctor in Frisco, TX, has the experience and expertise at treating patients with back pain caused by a herniated disc. As a pain management doctor, he offers non-surgical treatment options that work. If you are experiencing back pain, or back discomfort, and you have numbness in your back or legs, you might have a herniated disc.

What is a Herniated Disc?

The spine consists of vertebrae (bones) that surround and protect nerves and discs, soft cushioning pads in between each vertebra. Whether by injury, trauma or disease, the discs can rupture or protrude from the vertebrae, causing pain from mild to severe.

Herniated Disc Symptoms

The symptoms of a herniated disc are dependent on the location of the spine where the disc is herniated. Some of the more common symptoms are:

  • Pain when standing
  • Incontinence
  • Weakness in the leg
  • Pain shooting down the buttocks and leg
  • Localized pain in the spine area

Treatment Options

Not all herniated discs require surgery. There are non-surgical treatment options available today. Dr Haq meets with his patients to determine the best course of action for treating pain generated from a herniated disc. After a thorough evaluation, he will explain the recommended treatment plan and expected recovery.

Will I Ever be Pain Free?

Most people are able to live pain free following our recommended treatments for herniated discs.

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